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1.   The Chase
2.   Lovin'
3.   The Moth
4.   Into The Sea
5.   She's Gonna Hang
6.   You Never Wanted My Love
7.   Love Is Stronger
8.   Stash The Dough
9.   A Heritage Of Stone
10. Rising Sun
11. Gas Station Speed
12. Feel It

Wesley Tkaczyk: vocals & bass
Shawn Doolittle: drums
Mark King:  vocals, keys & guitar
Kevin Ream:  vocals & guitar

produced by Kevin Ream
engineered and mastered by
Kevin Ream &Wesley Tkaczyk

all songs written by:
Ream, Tkaczyk, King & Doolittle

recorded in  Lansing, MI & Dansville, MI
released September 2016

album cover photos by
Matthew Dae Smith

band photo by Kevin W. Fowler
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